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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Her Story: Leaving! -1

After the wedding, it is now time for the bride to move in with her husband. There are many sad songs in Hindi films that depict this scene. It is indeed a very touching moment. Presenting a classic, written by the 13th century poet-scholar-musician, Amir Khusrow. A Sufi mystique and disciple of Nizamuddin Auliya, he wrote extensively in Farsi and Hindustani. His verses have a characteristic timelessness. They are being sung even today.

Here are two versions of "Kahe ko byahi bides". A longer one in the voice of Wajahat Hussain Khan Qawwal. And another one from the film "Umrao Jaan" (1981), sung by Jagjit Kaur. I found the verse and its translation, and I am including them in this post. These words and the actual rendition differ at some places, but it is still good to have them in order to enjoy this composition.

Singer: Jagjit Kaur
Lyrics: Amir Khusrow
Music: Khayyam

Kaahay ko biyaahi bides, ray, lakhi baabul moray,
Kaahay ko biyaahi bides........
Bhayiyon ko diye babul mehlay do-mehlay,
Hum ko diya pardes, ray, lakhi babul......
Hum to hain babul teray khoontay ki gayyan,
Jid haankay hank jaayen, ray, lakhi babul......
Hum to hain babul teray belay ki kaliyan,
Ghar ghar maangi jaayen, ray lakhi babul......
Hum to hain babul teray pinjray ki chidiyan,
Bhor bhaye ud jaayen, ray, lakhi babul......
Taaqon bhari mainay gudiyan jo chhodeen
Choota sahelin ka saath, ray lakhi babul......
Kothay talay say palakiya jo nikli,
Beeran nay khaayi pachhad, ray, lakhi babul.....
Dolee ka parda uthakar jo dekha,
Aaya piya ka des, ray, lakhi babul moray.
Kaahay ko biyaahi bides, ray, lakhi baabul moray.

Why did you part me from yourself, dear father, why?
You’ve given houses with two stories to my brothers,
And to me, a foreign land? Why dear father, why?
We (daughters) are just cows tied to your peg,
Will move on to where ever you drive us to, dear father.
We are just flower-buds of your garden,
And are asked for, in every household, dear father.
We are just birds from your cage,
Will fly off when its dawn again, dear father.
I’ve left at home, alcoves full of dolls;
And parted from my buddies too, dear father.
When my palanquin passed beneath the terrace,
My brother fainted and fell, dear father.
As I remove the curtain from the palanquin,
I see we’ve reached the beloved’s house, dear father.
Why did you part me from yourself, dear father, why?


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