Have a story to tell? A theme to work on? An emotion to express? A mood to paint? Easy. You can do all this and more with Hindi film songs. For musical stories or theme-based songs or lyrical expressions of moods or...whatever, this promises to be a fun-filled ride. Come, get on the bandwagon!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Garden Of Five Senses: Haye Unki Woh Nigaahen

A sweet, little-known solo from "Aakhri Dao" (1958) today. Nutan looks as fresh as a daisy, and emotes well. Since the whole song takes place while she is seated in the back seat of a car, she conveys everything with her extra-ordinarily expressive face. Tujhe kyaa sunaoon main dilruba is the more popular song from this film. Shekhar played the male lead.

Singer: Asha Bhosle
Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri
Music: Madan Mohan

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