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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Saawan Songs: Saawan Ke Nazaare Hain

"Khazanchi" (1941) is a murder mystery. Set in pre-partition Lahore and Bombay (as Mumbai was called then), it was a super-hit and the top earner of 1941. It starred M. Ismail, S. D. Narang, Ramola Devi, Manorama and Janki Das. Composer Ghulam Haider created a flutter in the music industry by combining elements of Hindustani classical music with those of Punjabi folk songs while working on this film. Almost all the songs were popular. There is a distinct male voice in today's presentation, but the name of the singer is not credited. I wonder if it is Ghulam Haider himself.

Singer: Shamshad Begum
Lyrics: Wali Sahab
Music: Ghulam Haider

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