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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Costume Drama: Doongi Tainu Reshami Rumaal

Rumaal, the small piece of cloth that is used by adults and children, men and women, the rich and the poor alike appears as today's subject in our ongoing theme. Primarily used as a handy wipe, its larger variety is sometimes used as a neckwear or a headscarf. Trays of gifts exchanged on ceremonious occasions and offerings to deities in temples are often covered with decorative rumaals. Chamba rumaal from Himachal Pradesh is well-known for its beautiful embroidery depicting mythical stories.

Enjoy a song from "Prem Pujari" (1970) today in which the rumaal appears as a part of the colourful costume sported by a group of women dancers. This was the first film directed by Dev Anand. He was the writer, producer and the male lead too. The film is remembered for some evergreen songs like Rangeela re, Shokhiyon mein ghola jaye and Phoolon ke rang se. Watch the beauteous Waheeda Rehman perform the spirited gidda with her friends in this lovely composition.

Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
Lyrics: Neeraj
Music: S. D. Burman

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