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Friday, July 1, 2016

Costume Drama: Inhin Logon Ne

I am happy to be updating my blog after a long gap with a new theme: Costume Drama. As the name suggests, I will present songs from Hindi films that feature different items sported by a character as a part of his or her costume. Hoping to come across some great songs here! Unlike my earlier themes, I will not conclude this theme at any point. Instead, will post as and when I find good songs that fit in this theme.


Here is an evergreen number from "Pakeezah" (1972) to open this new series. This film was Kamal Amrohi's ambitious project that he started in the early '60s with his then wife Meena Kumari. But soon the couple fell apart and as a result, work on the film stalled. Shooting resumed more than a decade later where a visibly older and unwell Meena Kumari completed her scenes as well as dance sequences. The film did not do too well initially after its release. Ironically, it picked up after its leading lady's passing away within a few weeks.

Ghulam Mohammed's wonderful compositions were and are still very popular.

Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri
Music: Ghulam Mohammed

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