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Friday, July 13, 2018

Music In The Mountains: Main Chali Main Chali Peechhe Peechhe Jahaan

There is a certain charm about seeing a train winding its way in the mountains. Several Hindi films have featured song sequences shot in or on top of trains undulating on curvaceous tracks in scenic hilly areas. Here is one such duet from "Professor" (1962). This is a romantic comedy directed by Lekh Tandon. Shammi Kapoor played a young man and and an old man at the same time, putting his lovable antics to good use. The leading lady is Kalpana. I am amused to see that her outfit is completely in sync with what young women wear today. Coming from a 56-year-old film, it is quite interesting!

Singers; Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammad Rafi
Lyrics; Shailendra
Music: Shankar Jaikishan


  1. Narayan Joshi13 July, 2018 15:37

    Very nice song & excellent picturization.

    1. True, the song and the way it has been shot are both very good.