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Friday, July 20, 2018

Music In The Mountains: O Meri O Meri O Meri Sharmilee

Gopaldas Saxena 'Neeraj' passed away yesterday at the age of 93. He was a prominent poet who was equally adept at writing in Hindi and Urdu. He served as a professor of Hindi literature at a college in Aligarh for many years. He has also written lyrics of some very popular songs in Hindi films. His monumental verse Karwan guzar gaya gubar dekhte rahe was used in the 1965 film 'Nai Umar Ki Nai Fasal'. Its highly philosophical and deeply meaningful words have been interpreted in many different ways from being gently hurtful to introspective to inspirational.

Today's song is a tribute to him. I was looking for something which would fit into our ongoing theme, and settled on this light-hearted, frothy solo from "Sharmilee" (1971). It was a super-hit film at its time with a good story and wonderful music. Raakhee is the leading lady in a very memorable double role, and Shashi Kapoor is the male lead. While referring to Raakhee's beautiful eyes, Neeraj has inserted his name very aptly in one of the lines of the song. That makes this a little more special!

Another song Aaj madhosh hua jaye re from the same film has appeared in this space in an earlier theme.

Singer: Kishore Kumar
Lyrics: Neeraj
Music: S. D. Burman

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